Marbled Dachshund Dog Breed Information

Marbled coat color in dogs is quite rare. It is not peculiar to every breed, which is why it is considered especially valuable and unusual.

Characteristics of the Marbled Dachshund

Marble miniature dachshund

This interesting color scheme is officially recognized. Dogs with a similar appearance are well accepted at shows. Book in advance from breeders of marble puppies. This color is in demand both among ordinary owners of the breed representatives and among hunters.

This coloring consists of a combination of several colors. The base is usually a dark color scheme. It can be black, gray or red. On a body painted in one shade, contrasting spots are usually scattered in a chaotic manner. For example – the body is gray, and the spots on it are red and white. Or, if the base is light, then the markings on it may be dark in color. So, dachshunds look interesting and original, in which brown or red spots are placed on a light gray coat.

The marks can be of different sizes. In form, they can be both correct and sloppy. Quite often they are combined with specks. The main thing is that they are evenly distributed.

The coat type of marbled dachshunds can change as the puppies get older. So, in dogs with a red color, the contrast between the main tone and the spots becomes almost imperceptible over time. In individuals where the dark color is considered predominant, the number of spots will become less.

The eye color in marbled dachshunds is most often blue, however, it is sometimes possible to find a puppy with brown or colored eyes.

The cost of a dachshund with a similar color is usually much higher than the cost of a one-color or two-color puppy. Especially expensive are the coffee-marbled dogs.

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