Sausage Dog Health Problems

Dachshunds, like most hunting dogs, are generally in good health. However, they, like every living creature, get sick from time to time. What exactly? Let’s find out.

Dachshund Diseases

Most often, representatives of this breed are faced with the following health problems:

Spine Diseases

Dachshunds often “complain” about their backs. It is with this problem that their owners turn to veterinarians. Pathology can manifest itself at any time. An agile and active dog suddenly becomes restless. The pet takes positions that are unusual for her. On palpation, the spine responds with pain.

In severe cases, the dog’s paws may fail. In some dogs it happens suddenly, in others, it happens gradually. This often causes dachshunds to lose their ability to control urination.

The most common problem with the spine in dachshunds is an intervertebral hernia. It is mainly encountered by elderly dogs, but sometimes a young individual can also earn a hernia. A hernia is treated conservatively. Operations are needed in rare cases.


This disease is characteristic of dachshund puppies. Osteoporosis develops due to the lack of minerals in the body, vitamin D. One can suspect the presence of this disease in a puppy by a swimming gait. The kid cannot stand on his paws and moves on his stomach.

If osteoporosis is detected on time, the dog is not in danger. In advanced cases, the bones are no longer restored. Pathology can be treated by adding useful vitamins and minerals to the diet. However, it is important not to overdo it and find a middle ground.

Dystrophy of the Skin

Acanthosis nigricans is found in many breeds. She did not pass by and dachshunds. With acanthosis black, there are profuse skin lesions. Increased pigmentation is accompanied by hair loss, the formation of thick folds. The reasons contributing to the development of the disease have not yet been identified. It is believed that obesity, diabetes, hypothyroidism can provoke pathology.

Getting rid of acanthosis black is quite difficult. The disease is much easier to prevent. The main thing is not to feed the pet with junk food and prevent the reproduction of individuals prone to this disease.


Being overweight is a real problem for all dachshunds. The only way to prevent this problem is to follow a diet. Dachshunds should only eat what they are allowed to eat. No human food, salty. smoked or sweet. The pet must be active. You need to walk with a dachshund on the street and you need to do this as often as possible.

In addition to the above problems, dachshunds can face various infectious and bacterial diseases. Regular vaccinations and visits to your veterinarian can help prevent these problems.

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