Black Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)

It’s rare to see a black Yorkshire terrier. This is a real exotic among dogs of this breed. However, this color has its admirers and many are chasing after black puppies, although it is very difficult to predict the color of a Yorkie. All babies are born black and brown, and only by the age of 2 – 3 years, they reach the desired color corresponding to the standard. A Yorkie Terrier with fur combination of three colors, black, gold, and chocolate is called a Parti Yorkie.

Black Yorkie – Defect or Breed?

Despite the fact that black Yorkies are very cute and have a wonderful, cheerful, friendly disposition, such animals cannot participate in breeding. Black color is considered a defect. Charcoal dogs do not participate in show activities and, accordingly, do not have the right to participate in further breeding.

Important! Yorkie puppies can be born completely black or have a predominantly black color. Over time, it should be replaced by bluish and brown coats that meet the standard. Even individual black hairs are not allowed.

That is why breeders and breeders of this breed carefully select such puppies and reject them so as not to let the mutation into breeding. Puppies with this color can be found extremely rarely. Nobody takes them out on purpose.

Black Yorkshire Terrier: Origin Story

The breed was developed at the end of the 19th century to fight the huge hordes of rats that lived in the coal mines of the county of the same name in Britain. Small pets could fight rodents for a long time and win. Workers had to carry mini-dogs under their clothes since it was forbidden by law to bring an animal with them into the mine.

Working qualities became secondary when ladies of high society drew attention to cute dogs. Almost instantly, the pets migrated to the boudoirs of the secular lionesses of that time. It was then that the dogs stopped cutting short and began to care for their fur, and the breeding of Yorkies became a profitable business.

Of course, if your Yorkie is mixed with another breed then a rare color may be more common. For example, you can also find black Morkie Poos. A mixed breed will often have characteristics of both parents’ breeds, including color and temperament. It won’t look like a regular Yorkie.

Black Yorkie: Temperament

The owners of charcoal-colored pets note their irrepressible love of life, open, kind character, focus not only on the direct owner but also on all family members who live with him. Small dogs can actively play with small children for a long time.

Dogs are very brave and courageous, do not like strangers and other dogs. They can show aggression, “protecting” the owner. At the same time, they are so brave that they can rush even on an animal many times larger than it. If you enter a house with other animals in infancy, there should be no problems with addiction and friendship between pets.

It is noteworthy that black Yorkies can be slightly larger than the standard sizes of the breed. So the largest individuals in weight range from 2.6 to 3.1 kg. In this case, coal dogs can be up to 5 or even 6 kg in weight. This is not considered a flaw, especially since such dogs do not have a show career.

Yorkies: Black Coat Color

Usually, the dark color of the coat is visible from the first days. Any experienced breeder can tell about this. These puppies do not have the usual markings on the head, and they are larger than the rest of the cubs. But it is possible to accurately determine the color of the baby by three months when the animal is put up for sale. It is at this time that the culling of animals is carried out.

Black Yorkies, despite their “defect” in color and the inability to participate in exhibitions, have good health and a friendly disposition. They get along well in families with children and are ready for active, long walks.

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