Blue French Bulldog & Other Colors of the Breed

The French Bulldog is a compact, firmly built dog with good bones, a square head, broad chest and short, muscular legs. Expressive bulging eyes, large erect and snub nose on a flattened muzzle give the animal a special charm. The tail should be short from birth and not too long.

How Much Does a Blue French Bulldog Puppy Cost?

Blue French Bulldogs range from $ 2,000 to $ 3,000. In some cases, the price goes up to $ 4,000, if the puppy has a good pedigree. Adult dogs will cost from $ 1,000 to $2,000.

History of the Blue French Bulldog breed

French Bulldogs are a relatively young breed of dog and do not have the longest history:

  • The ancestors of the French are considered the Old English Bulldogs, which were used for a long time in Great Britain for dogfighting.
  • At the beginning of the 19th century, the local parliament banned this bloodred sweepstake and urged the inhabitants of the country to start breeding a truly English breed of dogs.
  • Exactly one hundred years later, through the efforts of the London official Reginald Stubbs, the breed acquired its modern look and character.
  • Almost immediately, French Bulldogs began to gradually enter France, but for a long time, they were so rare there that they were even shown at the Paris Zoo.
  • According to another version, Frenchies appeared in French Normandy at the end of the 19th century as a result of the crossing of Spanish and English bulldogs. Now this version is recognized as official, thanks to the research of Professor E. Hauck and cynologist George Crail.
  • In 1885, the World Cynological Federation recognized the “French” as a separate breed and adopted its official standard. The blue color, which periodically appeared in bulldogs with a special gene D, was not included in this standard. For a very long time, this color was generally considered a sign of congenital diseases.
  • In 1995, the blue color of the Bulldogs was officially recognized by the American and Chinese canine associations. In the Russian Federation, such dogs are still considered defective and unsuitable for exhibitions and breeding.


Breeders and dog handlers believe that blue bulldogs do not differ in anything other than the color of their “standard” brethren.

Just like all Frenchies, they are largely characterized by the following character traits:

  • Sociability and friendliness (these dogs are very hard to endure the lack of communication with a person. However, they are sensitive to the mood of the owner and will never be too intrusive.).
  • Activity and playfulness (Frenchies are always not averse to playing and running, but due to their physical characteristics they are forced to somewhat limit their active impulses. In general, they are ideal for keeping in a city environment).
  • Self-will and a desire to be the main one (with improper upbringing or incorrectly built relationships with the owner, the character of a bulldog can deteriorate. And then jealousy, vindictiveness, capriciousness will fully manifest).
  • They easily find a common language with children and quickly become attached to them (however, one must remember that for this the bulldog should not feel left out of attention and have reasons for jealousy).
  • Exceptional devotion to the owner (if necessary, they can endure the absence of the owner without barking and whining, but this is still not worth abusing. It is also distinguished by a decisive and courageous character, will always stand up for the owner).

Distinctive features

Before you start a Frenchie, you need to take seriously the fact that this is not just a funny indoor bulldog peeing in a tray.

Firstly, despite its diminutiveness, it still needs constant walks filled with vivid impressions and opportunities to throw out its stormy energy.

Secondly, Frenchies simply love to dominate, and if the owner often follows the pet’s lead, the character and psyche of the bulldog are distorted very quickly.

Thirdly, you need to immediately tune in to the fact that the “French” are quite expensive in feeding and treatment.

Dimensions and other features of the blue bulldog:

  • Height of dogs: male – 30-35 cm, female – 25-30 cm;
  • Dog weight: male – 10-15 kg, female – 8-12 kg;
  • Life span: 10-15 years;
  • Peculiarities of color: dogs with gene D (gene of weakened black color) have a rare blue color. Such a gene may be present in the Frenchie of the standard color, but with further reproduction, there is a high probability of the appearance of “blue” puppies in his offspring.

Physique: strong, muscular.

The big head has a square outline and a darker color. Due to the peculiarities of the structure of the head and its massiveness, French Bulldogs cannot swim.

The presence of an upturned flat nose and flattened muzzle leads to the fact that the breathing of bulldogs is difficult, they do not tolerate heat and prolonged loads.

Frenchie skin has many folds that require special care in order to avoid specific diseases. But his short coat is enough and minimal maintenance.

Custom Shades

At the moment, blue French Bulldogs are known in the following shades:

  • pure blue;
  • brindle blue;
  • blue and white;
  • blue marble.

Life expectancy and health compared to other species

Various studies and many years of experience of breeders and veterinarians show that the color of bulldogs has practically no effect on their character, health, or life expectancy. All the features inherent in the Frenchie, in general, are also characteristic of their fellows of the blue suit.

Blue French Bulldogs have the same lifespan (10-15 years) and the same typical diseases:

  • spine pathology;
  • respiratory system diseases;
  • skin diseases;
  • eye diseases;
  • tendency to allergies.

Non-standard color affects only the following factors:

Dogs with dark coats overheat much faster, which can lead to serious consequences.

The dark color makes it difficult to inspect the pet. It is recommended to check its condition with particular care after each walk since ticks, injuries and other problems on dark wool are less noticeable.

As already mentioned, the owners of the blue suit on the territory of our country do not have official documents, as well as the rights to participate in exhibitions and inbreeding.

How to choose?

Blue color among French Bulldogs is now considered especially fashionable, and such dogs are in great demand.

Cases of fraud here, therefore, are not rare.

It is highly recommended to take your dog only from trusted or well-established breeders.

Some more useful tips when choosing a pet:

  • The dog should be active, fun, and inquisitive.
  • Before making a choice, you should pay attention to the puppy’s parents – whether they are showing excessive nervousness or aggression.
  • It is important to pay attention to the conditions in which the dogs are kept. The room must be dry, clean, and free from unpleasant odors.
  • The selected puppy must be at least one and a half months old.
  • When choosing, you should take into account the fact that with age, the dog’s coat will lighten a little. But at any age, the coat of a healthy bulldog should be smooth and shiny.
  • Choosing a puppy with the largest nostrils can help avoid many respiratory problems.
  • The eyes of a healthy pet should be clear, without discharge; the skin is clean, light pink in color, without rashes.

Summary and Conclusions

The exotic color and funny miniature size of blue French Bulldogs, as time shows, do not affect their canine nature in the least. They also require attention and a conscious attitude. Their gratitude and loyalty to a worthy master will know no bounds.

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Written by Alice White

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