Breed Review: American Cocker Spaniel (18 Pics)

#10 Despite the fact that the FCI classifies the American Cocker Spaniels in the group of gun dogs, in its homeland the breed is better known as a sporting one.

In the United States, cockers are regular participants in all kinds of dog shows and agility competitions, so if you are planning an exhibition career for your pet, take a ring training course with him and teach him the correct stance. For example, to develop the correct posture, it is useful to walk the dog on the so-called "ring", which is a short tape, the ends of which are closed in loops. This type of leash allows you to tighten the animal's head, fixing it in a slightly raised position. This accessory, which is unpleasant for a dog, must be used very carefully and dosed. The "American" should not get the impression that he is being pushed around. The American Cocker Spaniel is taught to walk around the ring using a treat. First, the animal follows the owner in order to grab a delicacy from his hands, but later it gets used to doing without it, reacting only to the command “Come to me!”.

#11 Despite the fact that, theoretically, American Cocker Spaniels are able to work “by pen”, you can rarely see them in this role.

In Europe, representatives of this breed are not used in hunting at all, preferring more obedient and focused English cockers. And yet, training a pet to search for a bird is quite a feasible task. It is better to start classes from an early age. At first, the owner simply brings the game home and lets the dog smell it - this is how the animal gets to know the smell of future prey. Gradually, the lessons are transferred to their natural environment, for example, in the forest or in the fields.

#12 A properly trained cocker spaniel should not only find the shot game and make a stance, but also show restraint, patiently waiting for the arrival of the owner.

However, many "Americans" are unable to concentrate on one object for too long and switch to other external stimuli such as butterflies and lizards. An ultrasonic whistle (Galton's whistle), which can be used not only in the field but also at the training site, helps to partially solve the problem and tune the pet to the working mode.

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