Breed Review: Pomeranian (18 Pics)

#16 Experts advise including dry bread and sugar bones in the dog’s diet.

With their help, plaque is removed well. Food should be fresh and warm.

#17 It is recommended to follow the feeding regimen.

Watch the dosage of portions: if the dog leaves food, then the portion is large for him, but if he carefully licks the bowl, it is small.

Strictly prohibited products: flour, spices, potatoes, sweets, tubular bones, sausage. Eliminate fatty, smoked foods from the diet. Don't give your dog pickled foods; wheat, pearl barley, and semolina.

#18 Puppies are susceptible to infectious diseases, so keep your home clean.

Adults do not need frequent bathing. Regularly trim your pet's nails and keep your ears and eyes hygienic. Brush your dog's teeth and groom his coat.

The price of a Pomeranian varies from 700 to 1000 USD. You can find and cheaper, but most likely it will be a tribal marriage.

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