Breed Review: Tibetan Mastiff (18 Pics)

#7 For a long time, the whole world was content with only fragmentary stories of travelers about the powerful and majestic dogs of Tibet.

The spread of the breed across Europe began in 1847, when the future Viceroy of India, Lord Harding, presented Queen Victoria with an unusual gift - a Tibetan Mastiff, who was later named Siring. In the second half of the 19th century, Edward VII returned to his homeland with two representatives of the breed. Later they were shown at an exhibition in the London cultural and entertainment center Alexandra Palace.

#8 These were the first glimpses of the timid acquaintance of the West with the Tibetan Mastiffs, who for several millennia were completely isolated from the outside world.

The amazing breed began to gain popularity among aristocratic circles, and mastiffs were increasingly imported into Great Britain, from where they later spread throughout Europe. This process took the next fifty years.

#9 In 1931, interest in mastiffs resulted in the creation of the Tibetan Dog Breeds Association.

At the same time, the first breed standard was formulated. Its author was the wife of Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Bailey, who acquired four Tibetan Mastiffs and returned with them to England. This standard was later taken as a basis by such canine organizations as FCI and Kennel Club.

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