Breed Review: Weimaraner (18 Pics)

#16 A dog walking on a leash must clearly execute the command “Near!”

Otherwise, she will drag you wherever she pleases. A strict collar, however, is unacceptable. When lowering the Weimaraner from the leash, make sure that there are no small dogs and cats nearby, otherwise, they can become his trophies.

Caring for a dog's coat is not difficult. It is enough to comb it out with a massage brush a couple of times a week, and during the molting period, it is advisable to do this daily.

#17 The pet should be bathed as needed, but not more often than once a month.

After a walk in bad weather, the paws should be thoroughly washed. In frosty winter, pads and claws must be treated especially carefully so that anti-ice reagents do not enter the dog's body when it begins to lick its paws. In the cold season, even though the short Weimaraner coat dries very quickly, it is better to replace bathing by treating the coat with a special dry shampoo.

#18 It is advisable to wipe the corners of the animal’s eyes and the area around them with a damp cloth once a week

With the same frequency, you should take care of the pet's hanging ears - this will allow you to detect possible inflammation in time. It is convenient to clean the auricles with a napkin moistened with chlorhexidine.

The frequency of clipping a dog's nails depends on the conditions of its keeping. Some dogs have their claws sharpened naturally, and those who do not have the opportunity to run a lot need to trim them. Usually, it is done once a month using a special nail clipper for large breed dogs.

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