Chocolate Chihuahua Dog Breed Information

Chihuahua is a fairly common breed of dog that attracts with its appearance and cheerful character. More and more people have these miniature pets at home that can become faithful companions and companions. When choosing a puppy, the main criterion is the color of the coat. There are, of course, much more classifiers, but only the color of the coat remains decisive in most cases. Most often, potential owners are interested in standard colors, but there are those who want to see exclusive pets next to them. For example, with a coat of milk chocolate color.

Chihuahua: Chocolate Coat

A large number of requirements are usually put forward to the appearance of representatives of this breed. So, to participate in an exhibition or breed breeding, a dog must meet the parameters of height and weight. Body type, head shape, structure, and appearance of the coat are tested. As for the color, the only undesirable for the Chihuahua is the merle. Such dogs, although they look more than impressive, have many health problems.

As for dogs with chocolate (brown) coats, they are considered a real rarity. It is this shade that dog handlers associate with how the ancient descendants of the Techichi breed could look. Solid-colored puppies are the hardest to find, as puppies with lighter shades are born much more often. The intensity of the color can be different. Both sneezes with pale coffee and dark chocolate hair will be called chocolate. And make sure you use special shampoo to bring out the beautiful color.

Important! Wondering how to tell if your puppy will grow up with brown hair? Pay attention to the shade of the nose and the skin on the paw pads – they should be brown.

Types of Chihuahua with Chocolate Coat

Just like representatives of this breed of a different suit, individuals with brown fur can be:

Smooth-haired. They are distinguished by short, straight, smooth, and tight-fitting hair.
There may be no undercoat.

Long-haired. The structure of the guard hair is similar to that of a human. Long hair can be straight or with a slight wave.

Standard. The weight of such pets varies from 1.5 to 3 kg.

Mini. The bodyweight of these sneezes does not exceed 1.5 kg.

Supermini. An adult weighs about 1 kg.

Cobby. Strong dogs with large heads and slightly shortened muzzles.

Deer. A beautiful and graceful Chihuahua, with long limbs, high set ears, and elongated muzzles.

Nurseries that breed chocolate-colored Chihuahuas are more specialized in standard cobbies. They are more tenacious, not as fragile as mini and super-mini. However, representatives of the deer category look nevertheless more elegant and sophisticated in this color.

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