Lilac Chihuahua Dog Breed Information

Due to the fact that there are no special requirements for the color of the Chihuahua’s coat, standards are not put forward, everyone can buy a dog to their liking. Chihuahua with brindle and monochromatic “fur coat” look interesting. Brown and beige shades are in demand. But there will always be those who want to see a more exclusive pet at home. Chihuahuas with an unusually attractive, and at the same time, an unusual lilac coat can satisfy such requests.

Lilac Chihuahua: Helpful Information

There is no exact data on how exactly this suit appeared. Some experts believe that the symptom arose and later became entrenched as a result of the mating of two non-purebred dogs. Other dog handlers claim that the lilac color was the result of a genetic mutation that weakened the dark pigment. Be that as it may, today this color is included in the official standard. In addition, it has four varieties.

So, a monolithic shade is called a shade that goes into pink undertones. Pets with this appearance may have white markings, and this will not be considered a marriage. In the variant when the main one is lilac, the color is called lilac-white. On the chest, tail, and feet, light markings are more visible. White-lilac color is called when white is the main color. The spots in this variant are represented by the second shade.

Maintenance and Care

There are no special requirements for keeping a Chihuahua with a similar color option. For them, as well as for white or brindle representatives of the breed, you need to create “gentle” conditions. So, for lilac Chihuahuas you need:

Comfortable and warm bed. The main thing is that it is located in a secluded and sheltered place from drafts. The master bedroom remains the best place.

Food. It is impossible to feed the representatives of this breed with human food. It is best to purchase special food.

Streetwear set. Taking a Chihuahua outside in cold weather without a raincoat or overalls means dooming the pet to colds and more serious illnesses.

Hygiene tools. Each dog should have its own comb, brush, hair, and claw scissors. And also in the arsenal, you must have toothbrushes, pastes, solutions for the care of the ears and eyes.

Chihuahuas in lilac look great. Dogs of this color are very fond of and highly appreciated at all kinds of breed shows and competitions.

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