Feeding the Welsh Corgi

Feeding the Welsh Corgi is a crucial question because the health of the pet depends on it. Before you bring your Welsh Corgi puppy home, decide what you will feed him. Ask the breeder about the diet of the babies and at first, adhere to the same scheme. All changes are introduced gradually, with an eye to the reaction of the body.

Choose what is more convenient for you: natural food or dry food.

Dry Food for Welsh Corgis

Premium and super-premium dry food is a balanced diet, which contains all the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Choose it based on your Welsh Corgi’s age, size, and activity level. This type of feeding is convenient, you do not have to fiddle around the stove every day.

Natural Food for Welsh Corgis

Supporters of natural dishes should remember that meat and vegetables (carrots, zucchini, beets) are given raw. Meat should make up 60 – 70% of the diet. Offal and boiled sea fish are useful. Also, the dog is given fermented milk products, porridge (rice or buckwheat), boiled eggs, seaweed, olive, or sunflower oil.

You need to try to make a balanced diet and pick up feeding. It will not be superfluous to consult a veterinarian. Improper diet is fraught with rickets or obesity, problems with digestion, and hair.

Welsh Corgi Feeding Rules

  • Provide your Welsh Corgi with constant access to water.
  • Do not leave food in the bowl for too long. If after 15 minutes the portion is not finished, remove it.
  • They feed the Welsh Corgi after training and walking.

How Many Times a Day to Feed the Welsh Corgi

The number of feedings depends on the age of the Welsh Corgi.

Age of the welsh corgi                              Number of feedings per day

2 – 4 months                                                 5

4 – 6 months                                                 4

6 – 8 months                                                 3

Older than 8 months                                     2

What You Can’t Feed a Welsh Corgi

  • Bones (especially tubular and boiled)
  • raw river fish,
  • chocolate and other sweets,
  • fresh meat,
  • raw river fish,
  • seasonings, spices,
  • salt,
  • fatty,
  • roast,
  • smoked,
  • pork,
  • waste from your desk,
  • as well as any spoiled and substandard products.

Welsh Corgis are big food lovers. If the pet refuses to eat, it may be that he is not feeling well. Check with your veterinarian.

Don’t overfeed your Welsh Corgi.

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