How Long Do Miniature Schnauzers Live?

Miniature schnauzers are quite popular and are known almost all over the world. These dogs are bred in large private houses, in small city apartments. Puppies of this breed are often given to young children. Doing this, parents think about how long the pet can live in the house? Will the sudden death of a pet cause psychological trauma to a child? It all depends on the conditions in which it will be kept. And, of course, from genetics.

How Long Do Mini Schnauzers Live?

On average, representatives of this breed live from 12 to 16 years. They are recognized as well-known centenarians. However, not always a little schnauzer can celebrate his 15th or even 10th birthday. The length of his life can be influenced by:

Diseases. So, miniature schnauzers quite often face allergies, cardiac diseases. They can be diagnosed with dermatitis, eye diseases, gastrointestinal tract pathologies, and cardiac diseases. Some dogs suffer from epilepsy.

Accidents. Since all miniature schnauzers are real weasels and pranksters, they must be monitored very carefully. On the street, the pet can eat poisoned food, get hit by a car, get lost, or fight with a taller and stronger dog. They may not be safe at home either. Therefore, when leaving your pet alone, do not forget to check the wires, windows, and balcony door.

Injuries. These dogs are very small, especially puppies. They should not be allowed to jump off sofas and beds.

Mating problems. If you decide that the dog will not take part in the breeding, it is better not to untie it.

Lack of upbringing can adversely affect the health and life expectancy of these dogs. An unsocialized and untrained schnauzer can get into trouble both at home and on the street.

How to Increase the Lifespan of a Miniature Schnauzer?

Observance of the following measures will help to make a real long-liver out of a pet:

Balanced diet. The pet’s diet must meet her needs. A dog handler or a veterinarian will help you tell how and what to feed the schnauzer. In addition, proper nutrition will help your dog not gain extra pounds.

Compliance with the regime of the day. Life according to a well-built program of timely walking, eating, playing, and training will benefit not only the dog but also its owner.

Proper maintenance and care. Hygiene, organization of comfortable living, timely trimming, clipping, and brushing teeth make the existence of any dog ​​safe and comfortable.

Discipline. As already mentioned, parenting is very important for this breed. Without it, he will pose a danger both to himself and to people.

Medicine. Your pet needs to be regularly shown to the veterinarian. You cannot do without vaccinations, regular anthelmintic, and antiparasitic treatments.

Also, for miniature schnauzers, who are very human-oriented, attention and care from the owner are important. Without communication with him, the dog can not only get depressed but also get sick.

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