How to Choose an Akita Inu Puppy

After the resounding success of the movie “Hachiko,” Akita Inu is rapidly gaining popularity. Alas, this process often badly affects the quality of the breed. Uncontrolled breeding begins to meet demand, and this leads to the emergence of dogs with physical and mental disabilities. Therefore, if you decide to opt for this breed, take a very responsible attitude to the choice of the breeder and the Akita Inu puppy itself. Visit exhibitions, read all the available information, consult with a specialist – and only then make a final decision.

Study the documents carefully, including the pedigrees of the parents. If possible, find out about the fate and qualities of puppies from previous litters.

You should not take Akita from a large litter or from one where the cubs are of different sizes. It is better to stay with a small litter (ideally up to 5 babies) with puppies of approximately the same size.

Little Akitas are well-fed (but without a swollen belly), cheerful, cheerful, and curious, they are not afraid of loud sounds and do not show aggression. They will certainly take an interest in your person, sniff, possibly taste, and willingly join the game. Calmness and equanimity are acquired with age.

The coat of a healthy puppy is shiny, even, and pleasant to the touch. Babies should not smell feces or urine. The breed is clean, and the unpleasant smell should alert you.

The eyes, ears, nose of the Akita Inu puppy should be clean, without discharge. If the puppy has just woken up, the nose may be dry and warm. But in an awake puppy, it is cold.

There should be no ticks or fleas. If you see them, this nursery is clearly not what you need.

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