How to Train a Chihuahua

Even a small dog like a Chihuahua needs education, training, and socialization!

Thinking that if the dog is decorative, then it does not need training is wrong. Even such a cute little one needs to be taught the rules of good behavior and discipline. First of all, this is necessary for her own good. After all, an undisciplined dog is much more likely to get into an unpleasant story than one that knows how to behave.

Chihuahua Training

The pros of timely education of these dogs include the following. So, a trained dog:

knows the place where she sleeps;

will relieve themselves only on the street;

will not bark for no reason and make the neighbors angry;

will not spoil the things of the owners while they are not at home;

will behave well on the street and in front of strangers;

always obeys and fulfills the owner’s commands.

All this will help the dog to avoid accidents. In addition, with an uneducated Chihuahua, there is much more hassle.

Important! Even puppies are ready for training within reasonable limits. You can show the dog the boundaries of what is permissible from the first days of her being in a new home. You can switch to the full education process from the moment your pet turns 3-4 months old.

How to Train Your Chihuahua: Where to Begin?

The first thing to do is pot-train your puppy. For this baby, it is recommended to regularly sit in it – before going to bed, after eating. Then the pet needs to be taught to respond to the name. To make him remember it faster, pronounce the name every time you come into contact with the puppy.

It is important to accustom the Chihuahua to the harness. Without her, such a miniature dog on the street will be lost or worse. In order not to cause stress in the puppy, it is worth teaching it to walk ammunition from an early age. Put on the leash and collar for 10-15 minutes daily to help the dog get used to it.

In addition, you should learn the following commands with your pet:

Sit. Place a bowl of food in front of the puppy, speak the command calmly, looking into his eyes. If the sneeze refuses to carry out the command, you need to press it lightly on the lumbar region. The word “sit” is important to accompany every meal.

You can’t. If the dog does something wrong, say in a stern voice “no!”

Don’t do that. You need to pull the leash and say the command loudly and sternly.

Down. The dog must be in a sitting position. The owner must lower his hand with the treat to the floor so that the dog also lies down. At the same time, you need to constantly pronounce the command aloud.

Place. Every time a puppy seeks to take a wrong place, it must be taken to the bed, pronouncing the command.

These basic skills should be mastered by the puppy in the first few months in the new home.

Training should be given no more than 20 minutes daily. Nothing should interfere with your studies; for this, you should choose a quiet and cozy place. The dog must be praised in the process and a little scolding if it does not obey. If desired, Chihuahuas can be taught tricks and various interesting skills.

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