Jack Russell Terrier: Broken Coat

Broken Haired Jack Russells are one of the types of Jack Russell Terrier dogs. They differ from their relatives in the structure and length of the coat. Jack Russell Broken subspecies are divided into 2 groups – “light” and “rough”.

Origin of The Broken Coat Jack Russell

Jack Russell terrier broken

The first representatives of the breed were bred at the end of the 19th century by a priest named John Russell. Selective work carried out by him was aimed at creating dogs that could be used for burrow hunting for small predators and the extermination of rodents.

Interesting! Most hunting dog owners were not in the habit of washing their pets after every trip to the forest. Thanks to the efforts of the priest, the breed he bred had a type of wool that could self-clean.

Some researchers have suggested that the broken line was created precisely by breeders who did not pay too much attention to the appearance of their dogs. The slightly unkempt and shaggy Jack Russells gave birth to similar offspring, which helped the new gene to firmly settle in the structure of the breed’s DNA.

Important! Broken Jack Russells, as well as the long-haired type, began to be exhibited at exhibitions much later than terriers with a standard appearance.

Jack Russell Terrier Broken Coat: Appearance

Every hair of these dogs’ fur coats looks broken. The hairs are covered with many kinks, but they do not bulge, but fit snugly to the body of the terrier.

Important! The Broken Jack Russell Terrier does not boast bushy eyebrows and an elegant goatee. Even if something similar appears on the puppy’s face, the mustache and eyebrows of an adult Broken Jack Russell will not be very pronounced.

Otherwise, the height, weight, color, and other features of the appearance of the broken coat Jack Russell are the same as other Russell Terriers. In a species on low legs, the body format resembles a rectangle, in a species on short legs it is stretched in length.

Types Of the Broken Jack Russell Terrier

Broken Jack Russell Terriers fall into two categories:

Light Broken Jack Russell

Kinks on the coat are practically not visible in the light, which makes them similar to the smooth-haired type. Light Broken Jack Russells cannot have beards and bushy eyebrows.

Rough Broken Jack Russell

Rough Broken Jack Russells look more shaggy and disheveled than light. This is facilitated by the many kinks on the guard hairs, which themselves are much longer.

Broken Haired Jack Russell: Care

The first thing that owners of Broken Jack Russell Terrier puppies need to understand is that the dog does not need to wash the coat for no apparent and obvious reason. After walking on dirt roads, it is better to wipe the soiled pet with a damp towel.

Important! You cannot cut a Broken Haired Jack Russell, neither with scissors nor with a machine. What dogs with this coat type need is trimming, which must be taught from an early age.

The Broken Russell Terrier sheds much less than the smooth-haired type. This makes them more and more popular among people living in apartments.

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