Jack Russell Terrier Care

Caring for a Jack Russell Terrier is not difficult, but it has its own peculiarities.

An important part of caring for your Jack Russell Terrier is walking. Despite its small size, the Jack Russell Terrier needs regular physical activity. So it’s not wise to keep this dog in a city apartment if it doesn’t have the ability to regularly run off a leash on a spacious lawn.

If the walks with you are short and not very interesting, the dog will be entertained in its own way. “Bored” Jack Russell is ready for many “feats” – from digging a lawn to damage to property, from jumping over a fence to escape into the wild to digging under the fence. Therefore, before starting this little energizer, soberly assess your strengths and capabilities.

The coat of these dogs is harsh, semi-coarse, and smooth. The features of caring for her depend on this. The dog is usually brushed and brushed regularly with a stiff glove. Wire-haired and semi-wire-haired dogs should be trimmed by pulling out dead hair. This procedure is rather complicated, an inexperienced owner can accidentally damage the pet’s skin, so it’s best to trust a professional.

Often you shouldn’t bathe these dogs. Their fur repels dirt and this natural lubricant should not be washed off. After walking in dirty places, it is enough to simply wipe the paws and places of contamination with special cleansing wipes or a damp towel.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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