White Chihuahua Dog Breed Information

Chihuahua is a common dog breed that is known almost all over the world. Decorative pets conquer exhibitions, take part in TV shows, star in films. The popularity of these miniature dogs is growing every day. Because of this, a large number of breeding nurseries appear. According to the breeders, one of the main selection criteria is the color of the coat. So, among the demanded colors is pure white. However, finding a puppy with a similar appearance is not so easy.

White Chihuahua Puppy: Helpful Info

The variety of Chihuahua colors is amazing. Due to the fact that this breed does not and did not have special rules for crossing, its list of colors is quite diverse. It is noteworthy that uniform light and pure white colors are much less common. The color of the representatives of this breed includes a whole palette of various shades. Black, red, cream, brindle, or brown – Chihuahua is beautiful in any color. Sometimes fur comes in completely exotic shades – lilac, blue and sable. Interestingly, short-haired and long-haired dogs look completely different in the same color. And all Chihuahuas need special shampoos; you can’t just give them your human shampoo.

Important! Whitecoat color is especially popular in Chihuahua’s homeland, Mexico. But also black and white dogs are held in high esteem by the Mexicans; a separate name has even been invented for them.

Puppies with snow-white coats are considered exclusive. However, sometimes the question arises whether this color signals a developmental abnormality in the dog. We are talking about a genetic disease – albinism. Dogs born with this trait usually get sick more often and live less. They are more troublesome, they may even have certain mental and behavioral problems.

Important! The fact that the dog does not have albinism is indicated by the black color of the nose and skin around the eyes. In albinos, even the iris of the eyes can be discolored.

When buying a puppy with white fur, you need to carefully examine its eyes, nose, lips, and mouth. And you should also pay attention to the hearing of the pet. Sometimes dogs with this color may have congenital deafness.

Important! Do not lose sight of the fact that there is no guarantee that the snow-white puppy will remain so throughout its life. If hairs of other shades are visible in the undercoat, it is highly likely that the coat will darken over time.

Chihuahuas with a solid light color require more careful care. You need to monitor the coat more, remove dirt, and comb it out.

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