Miniature Shar Pei: Breed Information

Shar-peis are called standard, whose weight is 30-35 kg, and the height fluctuates between 44 and 60 cm. But today you can increasingly find dogs with characteristic features of appearance and skin folds that are much less than standard requirements. Such shar-peis are called mini-pei.

Mini Shar-Pei

Dogs that do not fit the standard sizes have been noticed for a long time, but they have not been recognized as a separate breed. Despite this, they are rather successfully bred all over the world, they arrange exhibitions and unofficial competitions for them.

A mini-puppy can be born in absolutely healthy parents of usual sizes. But it won’t be possible to immediately recognize singing in the litter. The fact that the puppy is not like everyone else will become noticeable only by the time he is one month old. Such dogs are not entered in the studbooks, since they belong to the category of breeding defect.

Important! The weight of a mini-pei rarely reaches the 25 kg mark. The growth of an adult is 39-40 cm.

Otherwise, these four-legged animals are no different from their standard relatives. Mini-peis are born with the same coat type. It can be a brush, bear, and horse. The colors are also repeated. Mini-pei with black and deer and red wool look especially attractive. They resemble soft plush toys more than others.

As for temperament, miniature Shar-Pei can be as badass as their tall cousins. The temperament and behavior of these pets in everything will depend on their upbringing and socialization. It is impossible to refuse training these dogs, the desire to dominate the owner is in their blood.

With proper care and good maintenance, a mini-drink is quite capable of living for about 10 years. Diseases and the poor attitude of the owner can shorten his life.

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