Shar-Pei: Red Coat Color

The standard for the representatives of this breed defines quite a lot of coat color options. However, the name “redhead” is not among them. So call the color of the dog can only people who do not understand the intricacies of the breed’s appearance.

Red Shar Pei

Representatives of this breed have a rather memorable appearance. The special structure of the skin, which gathers in many folds, is considered a visiting card. As for the type of coat, it can be of three types: horse, brush, bear. Each of the varieties has its own length, density, presence, or absence of undercoat.

Shar Peis have quite a lot of colors, as already mentioned. Dogs of the following colors are usually called red:

Red. One of the most common varieties found among Shar-Pei. It can also be called mahogany, copper. Puppies can be born with a dark masks on their face.

Apricot dilute. It resembles a light red color. May have slight transitions from the back to the tummy. It is extremely difficult to identify such a color; clarification may be needed. Brushes and teddy bears look especially attractive in this range. They can be easily confused with stuffed plush toys.

Red dilute. Pets with a similar coat color do not have a hint of black tones. At the same time, the shade is very beautiful and attractive. It is quite rare.

It is these colors that the common people call red. Puppies with this appearance are often born (except for red dilute). They are regular guests of dog shows. Proper and regular care allows them to keep their attractive appearance until old age.

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