Teacup or Miniature Chihuahua

Can you imagine a dog that weighs no more than one kilogram as an adult? Yes, such exist and, by the way, are in great demand. Today these dogs are recognized as the smallest in the world. Guess who you are talking about? Of course, about the well-known Chihuahuas.

Teacup (Baby) Chihuahua: Helpful Info

Teacup chihuahua

Nobody knows the exact time of the origin of this breed. It is only known that the blood of the ancient Techichi flows in the veins of these miniature dogs. These dogs have been domesticated since the time of the Mayan tribes. Then they were used for divine services, sacrifices, and eating. When the lands where the Techichi lived were conquered by the Aztecs, these dogs also existed alongside people. They were sacrificed, used in burial rituals. With the arrival of the Aztec conquistadors to the land, the Techichi were on the verge of extinction. They managed to avoid such a deplorable fate only due to the fact that several individuals managed to hide in the jungle, where they ran wild.

The descendants of the Techichi had to hide in the forests for quite a long time. Only in the 18th century, Mexican peasants discovered and domesticated dogs, but this was no longer a leak. It is Mexico that is considered the birthplace of the Chihuahua as a new breed. From there, they began to spread across European and Asian countries.

Teacup (Super Mini) Chihuahua: Appearance

Chihuahuas were officially recognized in 1928 by the Canadian Kennel Club and in 1948 by the English. Prior to that, in 1923, the appearance standard was adopted in the first edition. The second was developed in 1954. If the first included only smooth-haired individuals, then thanks to the second, Chihuahuas could already have long hair. There are no other varieties and classifications for the breed.

As for the size, at the official level, Chihuahuas can be weighing from 0.5 to 3 kg. However, those individuals whose weight starts from 1.5 kg are recognized as standard. Mini Chihuahuas usually weigh between 1 and 1.5. Supermini dogs rarely gain a mass of 1 kg. Such chihuahuas are included in the number of purebred dogs only when their weight reaches 0.5 kg.

Important! The division into species by height is not official.

The structure of the body of teacup chihuahua is no different from dogs, which are heavier and taller. By the type of physique, such mini chihuahuas are also divided into two groups: cobby and deer. The colors are also absolutely identical. Baby Chihuahuas can have both long and short hair that is close to the body.

Important! Supermini Chihuahuas can be born to parents of standard sizes.

Teacup Chihuahua: Temperament, Pros & Cons

If we talk about the temperament and behavior of supermini sneezes, then it is worth saying that they are as courageous as their taller counterparts. They quickly become attached to members of their human family and love everyone immensely. For the owner of the supermini, the Chihuahua turns into a constant companion and faithful companion. However, these microscopic cuties can not always find a common language with other dogs, cats, and children.

The cons of this variety include the fact that they are more susceptible to various diseases. Extremely small dogs have a much shorter lifespan than standard-sized chihuahuas. In addition, they need more care and attention. Even inaccurate movement can not only cause physical injury to the animal, it can even be fatal.

And also everyone who wants to acquire a miniature Chihuahua should take into account that they are practically not allowed for breeding. Experiments of this kind can have dire consequences.

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