10 Interesting Stories About Dogs

#10 I stand in line at the market for groceries.

They trade in chickens and their parts: legs, wings, thighs, etc. In front of me, a man asks to put wings in a plastic bag. The saleswoman puts a full package on him, the man asks to add another package so that it turns out to be a double one, they say, a single one will break. The saleswoman says that she will not tear, as they are durable!

The man picks up the package, it breaks, and the wings scatter on the asphalt. The man refuses to pay, because, in his opinion, the package was torn due to the greed and laziness of the saleswoman. Of course, she has a diametrically opposite opinion. The whole line gets into a dispute and is divided into two camps. The matter is approaching a scuffle when suddenly the main character appears in the form of a wandering market dog. We've probably seen such people: neither shouting, nor booing, nor swinging an empty hand in their direction have any effect on them.

So, this dog breaks through to the wings that continue to roll with the clear intention of grabbing as much as possible and running away as quickly as possible. But at the last moment he sharply slows down, sniffs, wrinkles his squeamish muzzle, and, not grabbing anything, scoffs to the side. A man, interested in such an unusual behavior of the animal, raises and sniffs the wing, and then invites everyone to sniff it. What was the smell, you can probably guess?

After the unanimous verdict, the saleswoman leaves the tent and silently collects the wings from the asphalt. And he also silently returns the money to the peasant, as well as to the two ladies who bought goods in front of him and watched with interest what was happening.

Conclusion: a dog is really a friend of a man!

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