15 Informative and Interesting Facts About Yorkshire Terriers

These cute dogs are very friendly and easily find a “common language” with other animals living in the house. In communicating with strangers, the individual traits and peculiarities of the upbringing of each Yorkshire Terrier are manifested: some are ready to bark at any stranger, others – almost “kiss” a dog that runs up to him, especially a relative.

#1 This miniature dog is quite sturdy and dignified. Her height from floor to withers is from 15.24 to 23 cm. Standard weight is from 1.81 to 3.17 kg (no more than 3 kg for exhibition specimens).

#2 The pride of the Yorkshire Terrier is its finest, shiny, silky, perfectly straight coat, which is often called hair.

#3 There are several dozen haircut models, from simple to incredibly sophisticated.

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