17 Amazing Facts About Yorkshire Terriers You Might Not Know

Yorkshire Terriers consider themselves the owners of the house while experiencing the most tender feelings for their owner and needing his attention. Like all terriers, they are very energetic, hardy, and have a good reaction. Yorkies are very brave dogs, ready to defend their home and owner without hesitation. They are smart, well trained.

#1 Despite their pretty appearance, Yorkies have an individual character, they have all the qualities that are inherent in real terriers.

#2 They are brave and, if necessary, can protect their master from danger, they have a well-developed hunting instinct. Stubbornness can be seen in the character of these funny dogs, so it is very important not to make mistakes in raising a Yorkshire Terrier.

#3 Yorkies have a calm, friendly, and peaceful disposition, so they get along well on the same territory with other pets and their relatives.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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