16 Facts About Raising and Training Shar-Peis

For this breed, the emergence of modern methods of training and education has become a real gift of fate. Since the main thing in this process is the close contact of the dog with the person, it’s trust. Repression will never achieve this. Therefore, Shar-Pei should not be started by people who cannot imagine training without a strict collar, tugging with a leash, mechanical impact on the dog. These dogs, with their philosophical outlook on things, will never respect and obey such an owner.

#1 A Shar Pei puppy should start socializing as early as possible.

Already in the kennel, puppies should never grow in isolation from the mother and other dogs. The sooner they become acquainted with dogs of various sizes and types of behavior, cats and other domestic animals, the easier it will be for the owner to socialize them in the future.

#2 Most Sharpeis are excellent at learning with food rewards.

It is important to remember that all classes should be conducted with a hungry dog, and food should be used as a treat that your Shar-Pei will not receive in another situation. Well, it must be absolutely delicious.

#3 Shar-Pei, due to their special structure, are ready, they do not like stroking.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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