17 Historical Facts About Shar-Peis You Might Not Know

Shar-Pei translated from Chinese means a dog with sandy skin. To those unfamiliar with this breed, this unusual name may seem meaningless.

However, it is enough to see a Shar Pei once to make everything immediately clear. Without a doubt, this is one of the most unusual dogs, whose wrinkled skin confronts a person with an alternative either to fall in love with a Shar-Pei at first sight or to mistake him for a monster, for a mockery of nature.

#1 Wrinkled skin is a distinctive feature of this breed, known from ancient times, from the era of the Han Empire, or from 206 BC.

It is this year that the Shar-Pei statuette, kept in the Museum of Oriental Arts of San Francisco and named the dog from the Chinese tombs, dates back to this year.

#2 It is believed that Shar Pei dogs first appeared in the Chinese city of Tai-li in Kwantung province.

#3 Initially, the Shar Pei was bred as a hunting and fighting dog.

But over time, these qualities became less pronounced, since he acquired many other wonderful characteristics.

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