16 Reasons Why Your Yorkshire Terrier Is Staring At You Right Now

The small size of Yorkshire Terriers does not correspond to their actual personality traits: they are energetic, temperamental, and domineering. Yorkshire Terriers are very affectionate, but they also need a lot of attention; this breed is a good choice for those who want to take care of their dog. Yorkshire Terriers are excellent guard dogs. But they can be irritable towards other children if they are treated disrespectfully or carelessly. Some can also be aggressive towards other small animals, but some Yorkshire terriers get along peacefully with other dogs and even cats. Yorkshire Terriers can bark frequently, but it is possible to train them not to bark too much. Some of them can be stubborn during home training.

#1 How about a light game of fetch?

#2 I love to swim in the pool.

#3 Nice weather outside.

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