17 Pictures That Prove Yorkies Are Perfect Weirdos

Yorkshire Terriers need attention more than any other breed

Yorkshire Terriers are ready to spend the whole day next to the owner – in their arms or following on his heels. They are happy to run, jump, play ball, “hunt” birds, mice, or sun bunnies, while not forgetting to monitor the reaction of the owner.

Yorkshire Terriers persistently get their way, be it the attention of the owner or a portion of food. York feels well the mood of the owner and adjusts to it.

The hunting excitement of the Yorkshire Terrier sometimes poses a danger to him: in suburban villages, Yorkies catch and eat beetles, as well as injured mice if a bird of prey drops them. Both, of course, are not deadly poisonous, but they can provoke an upset stomach. Walking under the nesting of owls, kestrels, etc., where one or two stale mice are constantly lying around, is highly discouraged.

#1 Shopping time

#2 When the owner asked to bring slippers

#3 Watermelon Sugar 🍉

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