20 Breed Reviews: Beagle (Part 3)

#16 Beagle is not for the lazy!

I have a beagle dog (girl). Since childhood, I dreamed of a beagle and two years ago they bought it for me. The breed is not for the lazy. This is a very energetic dog that does not like being alone. Whenever we leave her alone at home, she starts nasty. Therefore, before leaving, you have to hide all things. Beagles also love affection, especially girls, they treat children well.

#17 The breed is fire!

I have known the Beagle dog breed for a long time. My own aunt has just this dog. And since we live with her in the same house but in different entrances, I know about this breed not by hearsay.

The dog appeared in the family as a baby of 2.5 months. He immediately became a favorite pet of both adults and children. Oh, that kind and always devoted eyes.

The apartment will always be in order if you walk with Beagle on duty. This is a hunting breed, so the dog must receive an appropriate load. This breed loves company, children, absolutely cannot remain alone. Will not bark at home if taught, but loves to howl. Docile character, trainable. This dog always walks with its nose on the ground. He is interested in all the smells. Prone to vagrancy, it is better to walk on a leash.

#18 Beautiful, kind, loyal breed

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