9+ Most Frequently Asked Questions About Jack Russells

The Jack Russell Terrier is a popular dog breed. These small, funny, and intelligent dogs are loved by many. You can even talk about a surge in popularity of the breed: go out into any yard and be sure to meet at least a couple of restless pets! We’ve compiled a selection of the most frequently asked questions asked by current and potential Jack Russell owners!

Does this breed have health problems?

We will delight the owners and fans of these wonderful dogs: the breed is generally considered healthy. Most likely, you will not face serious hereditary diseases if you buy a puppy from a responsible breeder or from a specialized nursery. At the same time, we emphasize that certain diseases do occur: Perthes disease, cerebellar ataxia, dislocation of the patella, spinocerebellar ataxia, dislocation of the lens, etc.

What is the average lifespan of a breed?

As noted above, the Jack Russell is a medium-sized breed; this means that the average life expectancy is slightly higher than that of large breed dogs. With good maintenance, regular preventive examinations by a veterinarian, your pet will live for about 13-17 years. Give your dog regular exercise and an active lifestyle. Keep track of your pet’s weight: being overweight reduces life expectancy by an order of magnitude!

Why do many Jack Russells tremble?

This is a peculiarity of the breed: dogs shake when they are very excited about something, as well as at the moment of detecting prey. In some cases, the dogs tremble at moments of intense fright; many dogs tend to hide either behind the owner or at his feet. According to the owners, Jack Russells are terrified of thunderstorms – in severe bad weather, they are also overcome by shaking. Why is this happening? One of the main character traits of Jack Russell is vigilance. Your dog is always on the alert. That is why there is such a quick and “nervous” reaction to seemingly ordinary events.

How aggressive are Jack Russells?

There is no cause for concern if your pet was socialized at an early age, “introduced” to people, pets, pets of your friends, etc. Sometimes the breed demonstrates properties that are to some extent inherent in all dogs of the terrier group: adult males show hostility and aggression towards each other.

How easy is it to train dogs?

Jack Russell is very smart and quick-witted. An experienced owner quickly “opens up” the breed, demonstrating its best qualities. The key to success is early learning, multiplied by consistency. Ideally, start training your puppy at the age of 8 weeks, that is, at the age when the baby can lead an independent life. The more game moments you enter, the better. Do not give small puppies a lot of physical activity, take care of their joints.

How smart are Jack Russells?

Very smart! We noted above that the breed learns easily. Let’s emphasize: be consistent. Be strict but fair master, don’t give any weakness. Make it immediately clear who is “in charge” in your pair. Miss this moment and you will immediately have problems.

How much does this breed shed?

Quite abundant, the peak of molting occurs in spring and autumn. Better to buy a powerful vacuum cleaner right away! Brush your pet regularly. If necessary, contact a specialist.

Is it true that Jack Russell can jump high?

True! No wonder they say that these dogs have a “spring in their legs.” Your little dog is able to jump up to one and a half meters in height, and this is not the limit. So be careful when letting your pet run into the garden!

How does Jack Russell handle the cold?

Some dogs have established themselves as gentle and warm-loving creatures (but, however, not all). Is your pet one of them? See how he will behave with the onset of cold weather. If you meet the first frost with a chill, then buy a few warm suits. In extreme cold, many owners additionally wrap their pets in their own jackets!

How does Jack Russell get along with cats and other pets?

Jack Russell Terriers are quite wayward dogs by nature and often can only get along with other representatives of their breed. Therefore, very often they are aggressively attuned to dogs of a different breed, regardless of their size.
However, if from a very early age you teach them to live together with dogs of a different breed, then this situation will disappear by itself. At the same time, to unfamiliar dogs that have encroached on his territory, he will be unfriendly and aggressive. It’s just that in the opinion of your pet, he is doing his job – protecting and defending his land. All Jack Russells want to be the only favorites in the house. And therefore, if you decide to get another dog, you need to choose one that is similar in size to Jack Russell, or even a little larger.

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