Breed Review: Chow Chow (17 Pics)

Chow Chow is one of the oldest breeds in the world. A dog that licked the edge of the night sky, a dog bear, a dog-lion – what epithets did not human fantasy reward the representatives of this breed with. Having appeared in China more than 2 thousand years ago, Chow Chows were originally used as watchdogs, hunting dogs, and even war dogs. Now it is a companion dog, which has preserved in the depths of its mysterious soul all the best features of its distant ancestors.

#1 To date, there is no reliable information when exactly the history of the chow-chow began.

But the fact that it is several thousand years old is beyond doubt. According to some reports, back in the 3rd millennium BC. e. in the palace library of the Chinese emperors, there were records about this amazing breed, which, unfortunately, have not survived to this day.

#2 One of the versions of the origin of the breed says that the first dogs of this type appeared in China as “gifts of peace” that the Mongol conquerors presented to the emperor.

The Mongols got the bear dog as a trophy of war during clashes with the indigenous peoples of Siberia. Archaeological finds confirm that the ancestors of the Chow Chow lived in this area.

#3 The question of the genetic roots of the representatives of the breed remains open to this day.

Many experts are inclined to accept the version of the origin of the Chow Chow from polar wolves. The fashionable legend that the first dogs of this breed appeared as a result of the interspecies crossing of a husky and a polar bear does not stand up to criticism.

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