Breed Review: Chow Chow (17 Pics)

#16 Chow Chow training at home seems to be a very problematic endeavor.

A representative of this breed simply will not follow orders that it considers incomprehensible or stupid. If you do not have enough time or you feel at least the slightest doubt in your abilities, it is better not to get down to business. Immediately give your pet into the hands of an experienced instructor, otherwise, it will be extremely problematic to correct the consequences of training.

#17 Experts note that the execution of even a simple command takes place at the chaushka in several stages.

First, the dog will assess the appropriateness of the command in this situation, then decide how much you are disposed to carry it out, and only after realizing that your willpower cannot be broken, will perform the required actions. If you give up slack, the tea will continue to go about its business. The situation is even more difficult with the execution of service commands, especially for endurance. Well, the animal does not understand why it needs to stay in the same position for a long time. And if he doesn't understand, then he won't do it.

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