Breed Review: Chow Chow (17 Pics)

#4 Once in China, chow-chow at first were the property of only the courtyards of high-ranking nobles.

But gradually the interest in animals faded away, and dogs spread throughout the country, they could be found even in the homes of the poor Chinese. Control over the purity of blood was lost. The monks of the Buddhist monasteries of Tibet, Manchuria, and Northern China, who carried out careful selection work, kept the genealogies of blue and black Chow Chows, saved the situation.

#5 Europe met the “bear” dog as an outlandish beast from the distant Celestial Empire.

The first "fuzzies" appeared here in 1780 and for almost a hundred years they were perceived only as exotic animals. That changed in 1865 when Queen Victoria, fascinated by the miracle of the plush, took an interest in the breed. In 1887, the British began breeding Chow Chows, and eight years later the breed standard was approved and the first Chow Chow club appeared in the Old World.

#6 As far as the appearance of the Chow Chow is original, its character is also non-standard (in relation to dogs).

People who know about the gull by the hearsay claim that it is an arrogant and heartless animal and the owners of these unusual dogs unanimously speak of the kindness, devotion, and responsiveness of their pets.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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