Breed Review: Maltese (18 Pics)

Maltese is a cheerful adorable, affectionate fidget and a devoted accomplice who will willingly support any of your undertakings. This fluffy comrade is still a rare guest in the apartments of our compatriots, but, contrary to the forecasts of skeptics, this fact does not affect his popularity and demand. Do you want to see this for yourself? Then post photos of your Maltese in the profile of any social network – tons of likes and enthusiastic comments from fans of the breed are guaranteed!

#1 Little is known about the origin of maltese.

It is believed that British breeders were the first to cross between Maltese and Poodles about 20 years ago, and the motives for the experiment have not yet been clarified. According to one version, this was done in order to get a shedding dog that the most notorious allergy sufferers could afford. On the other - to bring out an ideal pet from the point of view of external and intellectual indicators, combining the charm of a lapdog and the quick-wittedness of a poodle.

#2 Since the beginning of the 2000s, the Maltese dog already been bred in full force in the USA.

The cost of the puppies was far from democratic, so the first clients of the kennels were media people and Hollywood celebrities, Maltese dog, living in the apartments of Blake Lively, Rihanna, and Jessica Simpson began to spread on the network, the excitement around the breed reached its climax. Soon the overseas mestizos had their own canine organization dealing with the registration of animals (American Club of Hybrid Dogs), as well as several fan clubs.

#3 Whatever the opponents of designer breeds say, the Maltese dogs looks glamorous.

Moreover, these miniature fluffy "teddy bears" with cherry eyes and shaggy muzzles give the impression of soft toys that you just want to squeeze in your arms. Affects the appearance of animals primarily of origin. So, for example, F1 hybrids were and remain the biggest sympathizers - puppies born in the course of the direct crossing of a toy poodle with a Maltese lapdog.

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