Breed Review: French Bulldog (18 Pics)

The French Bulldog is a friendly companionable dog that gets along easily with other non-aggressive pets and family members. The breed is perfect for living in a city apartment, does not require complex care. These animals belong to decorative dogs, although their ancestors were fighting dogs. The pets are very loyal and quick-witted, they are in good health.

#1 French Bulldogs, despite their name, were bred in England.

In the 19th century, breeders decided to create a companion dog breed that could be easily kept in an urban environment. Craftsmen, seamstresses, lace makers did not miss the opportunity to acquire a mischievous pet, which pleased the owners with a light disposition and funny habits. To breed such a dog, breeders selected the smallest English bulldogs, crossed them with terriers, pugs. This is how the modern breed appeared.

#2 In the second half of the 19th century, the demand for manual labor greatly decreased due to the rapid development of manufactories.

Many English workers moved to France with their beloved dogs. According to another version, traders brought the bulldogs here. A good-natured character, the ability to catch small rodents and unusually large erect ears instantly riveted the attention of the French public to this breed.

#3 In Paris, courtesans became the first owners, or rather the owners, of little bulldogs.

Many photographic postcards have survived with naked or half-naked women posing with their pets. Very quickly, the fashion for these dogs spread in high society, as evidenced by numerous photographs. Since the 80s of the XIX century, a real boom in the popularity of the breed began. At this time, Paris was already the fashionable capital of the world, so the whole world soon learned about French Bulldogs. In 1890, the dogs were brought to the United States, and after 7 years the FBDCA (French Bulldog Club of America) was established.

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