Breed Review: Maltese (18 Pics)

#10 Like any pet, the Maltese dog should have its own place in the house.

Usually, the bed is installed in a secluded corner, away from windows and doors, since the breed is afraid of drafts. And of course, immediately after moving from the kennel, the dog must "acquire" material assets such as bowls for food and water, toys, a tray, as well as a leash and a collar.

#11 The complexity of caring for a Maltese directly depends on the type of its coat.

So, for example, the least problems are with individuals with straight, silky hair. Three brushing sessions a week and your pet are Mr. Glamor. With curly "cubs" more fuss. First, you will have to scratch them every day. Secondly, even with the most careful study, the spring-like hairs of mestizos strive to fall into mats, which are not very pleasant to disassemble.

#12 Maltese should be bathed about a couple of times a month.

This will help to wash off not only dirt but also dead hair, which the breed does not fall out on its own. Just check with your pet store first for a suitable shampoo. An improperly selected product can worsen the structure of Maltese hair, as well as lead to serious problems such as alopecia.

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