Breed Review: Maltese (19 Pics)

#4 The heyday of popularity of the Maltese lapdogs fell on the Middle Ages.

Most of all, glamorous pets were thrilled in France and Italy. The fashion for Maltese reached the shores of Foggy Albion only in the 16th century, and even later in America.

#5 The Maltese lapdog is a perky fidget who simply needs to stay in the thick of things and be aware of all the news.

Moderately friendly, but at the same time confident in their own exclusivity, Maltese will never conflict with pets. In dogs of other breeds, these energetic pussies see if not friends, then at least playmates with whom you can run and play pranks to your heart's content. But the lapdogs do not intend to share the master's attention with any living creature. As soon as the owner of Maltese caresses another animal, a little jealous person wakes up in his pet, capable of any meanness in relation to an opponent.

#6 Despite the fact that the Maltese lapdog breed is usually considered as a family one, it is at least unreasonable to bring an animal to a house where there are small children.

The Maltese have a peaceful disposition, of course, but patience is by no means unlimited. Dogs have a rather tense relationship with strangers. Any unfamiliar person for a Maltese is a potential enemy who should be scared in advance and properly. Usually, the owner recognizes the arrival of an unwanted guest - from the point of view of the dog - by the pet's choking barking. Thus, lapdogs show their wariness and suspicion towards a stranger.

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