Breed Review: Maltese (19 Pics)

#7 White and fluffy on the outside, maltese, unfortunately, does not always remain so on the inside.

The main negative character trait of lapdogs is stubbornness. If the dog considers training useless, it will be difficult to convince him. Another dark side of the breed is the fear of being alone. If you are used to leaving your pet alone for more than an hour, get ready to take the mess in the apartment for granted. Once in a stressful situation, the dog will try to cope with the phobia in its own way, that is, gnawing on wires, scratching shoes, and making puddles where possible. Otherwise, the ex-Melitta is quite a good-natured and docile creature. They just need a little more affection and attention than representatives of other decorative breeds.

#8 Do not succumb to the natural charm of the Maltese and do not neglect the education of the dog.

Lapdogs, whose whims are constantly indulged, quickly acquire a "crown" and begin to frankly become impudent. It is better to teach snow-white pets the basics of etiquette from the very first months of life, and you should not expect great obedience from representatives of this breed. Yes, the Maltese are smart enough dogs, but discipline is clearly not their strong point.

#9 Maltese lapdogs are raised by the method of positive encouragement: the pet must understand that at the end of the educational process he will definitely receive a treat.

It is useless to put pressure on the dog's conscience in this case. The absence of a tasty bonus at the end of the "lesson" is regarded by the animals as a deception, so next time the Maltese will simply ignore your call to practice.

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