Breed Review: Siberian Husky (19 Pics)

#10 The Siberian Husky is a companion dog.

She is perfect for a large family, she will tenderly and tenderly love all household members, although she recognizes only one leader and master. The attitude of these animals to children deserves special attention. It is difficult to find a more gentle, attentive, and affectionate friend for a child. Suffice it to recall that the Eskimos used huskies even to heat newly born babies.

One of the unusual traits for dogs is the tendency of animals to run away. A door latch or a snap hook will not become an obstacle - to understand how they work for a pet is a matter of several days. Digging a hole under the fence, and, if necessary, overcoming a high obstacle is also not a problem. No one claims that your dog will systematically engage in such tricks, but you should not forget about this feature of the husky.

#11 In matters of upbringing and training the Siberian Husky, it is important to take into account that these dogs are by nature working, but not service.

Experts consider the breed to be good and easy to train animals. But they will obey only the recognized leader and owner - you must become an indisputable authority for the pet.

#12 Raising a puppy should be based on two main principles – rigor and fairness.

The carrot and stick policy is unacceptable. An excessively gentle attitude will spoil the baby and he will "sit on your head", cruelty will embitter the animal, which, on occasion, will surely take revenge on you.

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