Breed Review: Siberian Husky (19 Pics)

#13 You can start teaching and training a dog from the age of three months.

The Siberian Husky is very smart, and if you fail to interest him, then it will be difficult to achieve the result. And not because the animal does not understand you - no, he is simply not interested. The greatest effect is given by the training process, clothed in a playful form. These dogs are very sensitive to the very manner of giving commands, so correct intonation is very important. You must speak calmly, confidently, and clearly. Although at the same time, many owners of dogs of this breed note that huskies respond better to a request than to order. In any case, each owner is looking for their own way to the heart and mind of their pet.

#14 The best punishment method for the Siberian Husky is to demonstrate their strength and advantage.

To do this, simply take the animal by the withers, press it to the floor, and hold it there until the dog stops resisting and calms down. Beating as a method of education is unacceptable.

#15 It’s easier with rewards

Always praise your dog for any corrective action. If you are working with a puppy, you can reinforce the praise with a morsel of treats. The intonation should be different from the tone with which you give commands, but do not show excessive emotions - huskies cannot stand high squealing intonations.

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