Breed Review: West Highland White Terrier (20 Pics)

#4 The first club of lovers of the West Highland White Terrier breed was opened in Scotland in 1904, and its founder was a descendant of the same George Campbell.

Pretty soon, or more precisely, three years later, the first nursery specialized in breeding snow-white Vestikas began its activity. However, it was possible to put an end to the formation of the unique exterior of the breed only in 1924, after breeders were officially forbidden to exhibit at dog shows, in whose pedigree other representatives of the terrier group were noted (Scottish Terrier, Cairn Terrier).

#5 The West Highland White Terrier is a snow-white, compact shaggy with an inquisitive look, vaguely reminiscent of the Bichon Frize.

Due to their cute appearance and more than modest dimensions (the height of an adult dog is up to 28 cm, weight is up to 10 kg), the West Highlands are quite suitable for the role of apartment residents. At the same time, they are not particularly fragile, like most representatives of decorative breeds, which means that the owner does not have to control every step and jump off the pet.

#6 White and fluffy West Highland White Terriers just outside.

Inside, these charming "Scots" are far from being as good as they seem at first glance, moreover, they are rather stubborn and do not really like to observe subordination. At the same time, against the background of their more aggressive and temperamental relatives in the terrier group, the West Highland White Terriers seem, if not quite quiet, then quite manageable pets. However, this is not an innate dignity, but rather the result of the work of pedigree specialists, who for a long time "extinguished" the hunting instincts of the breed and stimulated its companion qualities.

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