Brindle French Bulldog: Helpful Information

French Bulldogs are cute indoor dogs. These bulldogs are often found in families with small children. They become great companions for middle-aged people, teenagers. The appearance of these dogs is quite attractive. The variety of colors helps to choose a puppy that suits your taste. One of the most common is the brindle color of the coat. It is these “Frenchies” that are found most often.

French Bulldog: Brindle Coat Color

Brindle French Bulldog

This color is included in the category of those approved by the standard. This suit can be presented in several variations. Most often you can find dogs with a black base and red stripes. Bulldogs are also quite common, in which the opposite is true. In such animals, the background is just the red color, while the stripes are black.

Sometimes brindle French Bulldogs may have light spots on the chest and neck. There may be a pronounced dark mask on the face.

Important! If you look at the color combination of this color in more detail, then we can say that it combines many shades. So, on the fur, you can see shades of fawn, red, bronze, and black.

Sometimes this color can also include white. Individuals with white-brindle hair look extremely interesting and unusual. The background is usually white. The stripes are formed in black interspersed with red hairs. Puppies with this appearance are not considered to be the standard, but the demand for them is extremely high.

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