Black in the Color of the French Bulldog

What do buyers look for when buying a puppy? Someone looks at the behavior, someone takes into account gender, size. But absolutely everyone pays attention to the color of the coat. Some even specially order puppies of a certain color. So, the most popular and demanded color of wool is black. Could French Bulldogs be of this color?

Can a French Bulldog be Total Black?

Black French Bulldog

Unfortunately, these dogs cannot be completely black. No, of course, it is quite possible to meet on the street or find in the litter a puppy with a coat of solid black color. But the dog will not be allowed to breed, enter the register and participate in dog shows. The thing is that this coat color option is not included in the category of standard ones.

According to the standard, representatives of this breed can have a solid color – fawn. Also, dogs of this breed can be brindle. This option is considered the most common and popular. Brindle French Bulldogs can be light or dark, the background changes accordingly. You can even find completely white Frenchie. If they are not albinos, then they, like standard individuals, can be allowed for breeding. There is a black color in a black-brindle color.

Important! In addition to black, chocolate, blue, tan black and white, and cream are also prohibited colors for this breed.

For those who still want to take a black puppy into the house, no one can forbid to do this. Let the dog not be taken to the dog show, but it has every chance to become a pet. The main thing is to properly care for the pet, monitor its health and the beauty of its coat.

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