Do Shar Peis Shed?

The Shar Peis have one peculiarity that distinguishes them from other breeds – they do not look very aesthetically pleasing during the shedding period but look like moth-eaten.

Your Shar Pei should be usually combed out every 2-3 days with a massage brush with short bristles. When the Shar Pei sheds, the dog will get bald spots. During the shedding period, combing should be daily. The shedding lasts for 2-3 weeks on average. During this period, it is best to bathe your Shar-Pei and pluck the hair with your hands to speed up the shedding process. The process can be accelerated by plucking the hair with the hands.

Bathe your dog about once a month with specialized shampoos. Rinse the dog’s folds thoroughly so that no shampoo remains on them. Dry the dog thoroughly after bathing (you can blow-dry) and sprinkle the folds with baby powder. The Shar-Pei should not get their heads wet and their ears should be plugged with cotton swabs beforehand!

Since this breed’s coat is very rough and prickly, when the Shar Pei sheds, it can irritate the dog’s skin sometimes causing increased scratching. Unfortunately, many vets who are unfamiliar with the breed mistake the shedding process for disease and begin to strenuously search for the cause of this “illness” and to heal the dog that may not have the best effect on his overall health in the end.

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