How Long Do Jack Russells Live?

Jack Russell Terriers have become popular thanks to many films featuring dogs of this breed. It was bred artificially, so for people who plan to keep such a pet, one of the most pressing questions is how many years the pet will live.

A Bit of History

This dog comes from Great Britain, where he was bred by a priest and scientist, passionate hunting lover John (Jack) Russell in 1818. Then at the peak of popularity, there was such entertainment. That is why breeders have been actively working on developing the ideal assistant for such a pastime. To achieve the goal, three dog breeds were crossed: Fox Terrier, Border, and Leyland.

After many experiments and hard work of Russell, a hardy, energetic and fearless dog was born, to which he gave his name. She also got along well with people, other animals.

Quite a long time passed before this breed became known all over the world and took its place in the list of existing dogs.

But only in 2001, the International Dog Handlers Association approved its standards.

What Determines Jack Russell’s Longevity?

The lifespan of a dog is a very important issue that worries absolutely every owner. Let’s talk about what determines the longevity of a Jack Russell Terrier dog.

The main factors that have a tremendous impact on the longevity of a pet are as follows.


This is one of the most important factors that affect the development of an animal. It is she who gives a start and certain makings for growth. Good genes are the key to long life.

Conditions of Keeping the Dog

Despite the fact that the Jack Russell Terrier can feel great both in an apartment and in a private house, there are certain requirements for the room in which he lives.

It is very important to monitor the room temperature. Extremely low and high temperatures should not be allowed – this can have a bad effect on the pet’s well-being and health. The wrong temperature can even cause a heart attack in a dog. The optimum temperature for a dog in the room is + 22-24 ° C.

If the animal lives in an apartment, try to walk it outside as often as possible.


Proper and balanced nutrition is very important for the Jack Russell Terrier. The diet should be varied and rich in vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, which are so necessary for excellent well-being and good health.

The dog can be fed:

beef, duck;

rabbit, turkey;


fermented milk products – kefir, fermented baked milk;

sea fish – boiled and deboned;

rice, millet, buckwheat, and oatmeal;

bananas, peaches, pears, and apples;

pumpkin, cabbage, carrots;

zucchini, tomatoes, herbs, and beets;

eggs – exclusively boiled and no more than 1 time per week.

There is also a list of products that are strictly prohibited for use:


white bread;

chicken bones;

sweets, smoked meats, pickles;

grilled meat;

canned food;

onions, garlic, hot peppers;

grapes, spices, spices;

mushrooms, legumes.

Correct Care

It is not much different from caring for other breeds of dogs.

Brush the coat at least once every 10 days.

Wash the dog if necessary, and even better – once a month. Be sure to wash your animal’s paws after every walk outside.

Using a cotton ball that has been previously dipped in tea, rub your eyes to remove natural secretions.

Use a special dog toothbrush or floss to remove tartar and plaque from your teeth three times a week.

Take care of your ears. Remove sulfur and dirt with a damp cloth.

Cut your nails a couple of times a month. This can be done both at home and in special dog salons.

Position the bed so that the pet is not in direct sunlight or in a draft.

Since the Jack Russell Terrier is an active dog, daily walks are important for it.

Jack Russell’s Life Expectancy

It has already been mentioned above that, like for any other artificially bred dog breed, none of the specialists is taken to assert exactly the lifespan of the Jack Russell Terrier. All the data available to date have been achieved and determined empirically.

Scientists claim that such dogs live on average 13-16 years, and it does not matter if they are indoor or outdoor. It was also experimentally found that females live significantly less than males. This is due to the bearing of offspring, and to diseases that are characteristic exclusively of the weaker gender

How to Increase the Years of Jack Russell’s Life?

Each caring and loving pet owner wants and strives to extend the life of the animal in all possible ways. The Jack Russell Terrier is a fairly hardy, strong dog in terms of health, but due to its characteristics, it is prone to various diseases, especially infectious ones, and the most frequent are:

eye – cataract, glaucoma;

articular – arthritis, pain in the kneecaps, and hip dysplasia.

In order to prolong the life of your pet, you must follow these recommendations:

Adhere to all the rules and regulations of specialists in the care and maintenance of the animal.

See your veterinarian regularly.

Carry out the prevention of worms and parasites. To do this, you need to give the animal special drugs, which must be certified, of high quality, and prescribed by a doctor. It is strictly forbidden to make a decision on your own about prescribing the drug.

All vaccinations are mandatory.

As for vaccination, it is absolutely necessary. It is a vaccination that ensures proper growth and protection of the body against infectious diseases.

Vaccination is done:

in 1-1.5 months – from plague, enteritis;

at 3-9 weeks – from the plague of carnivores, parainfluenza, leptospirosis, hepatitis, enteritis;

at 3 months – revaccination of previous vaccinations, rabies vaccination;

at 6–8 months – revaccination against plague, parainfluenza, hepatitis, leptospirosis, enteritis.

Repeated vaccinations are done in order to strengthen the immunity, the level of which was achieved after the first vaccination.

Jack Russell Terriers: Long-livers

Among dogs, as well as among people, there are long-livers – champions who, despite all the statistics and living conditions, were able to live a long life.

The most famous Jack Russell Terrier dog was a girl named Daisy from the English city of Tewkesbury, who lived to be 22 years old. If we translate this age into a human, then it turns out a whole century! Mistress Daisy claims that proper and high-quality nutrition, as well as long and constant walks, were the key to the long life of the pet.

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