Jack Russell Terrier Training

Jack Russell Terriers are brought up and trained without any problems, but they are often stubborn.

Do not forget that this dog is a determined and cheerful all-around hunter, brave, active, independent and courageous, curious and self-reliant, so you will have to work hard to obey.

In the process of raising and training the Jack Russell Terrier, always take into account the pet’s need for active movement and variety, fun games. Jack Russell Terrier needs to move a lot, run, and jump. Without patience and perseverance, disastrous results will befall you, the main reason for which will be an independent “terrier” disposition.

From a very young age, start socializing your puppy with your family members, strangers, dogs, and other animals.

What can you teach Jack Russell Terrier?

If you decide to let the process of education and training of your pet go by itself, nothing will work out for you. This breed is smart enough and needs constant intellectual development. Even if you are not going to take part in training competitions, it is simply necessary to master the obligatory minimum of commands – for the safety of your pet.

But the Jack Russell Terrier is capable of more. Dogs of this breed show themselves well in canine sports (agility, freestyle, frisbee, etc.)

Try to make the educational process varied, dynamic, interesting, and enjoyable for the dog.

Puppies are trained exclusively in the game.

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