Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed – Personality Traits

Yorkies are very intelligent dogs. They are great for both experienced dog owners and those who have no experience with pets. Dogs love to play and are very curious about everything. Despite their diminutive size, Yorkies have retained the courage of their terrier ancestors. Therefore, without thinking, they will rush into battle if they sense danger.

Yorkshire Terrier Personality Traits

The Yorkshire Terrier has its pros and cons.

The Yorkshire Terrier will never refuse to jump and play. This dog is so hardy and tireless that it can run all day. And she is ready to follow her master even to the ends of the earth!

By nature, Yorkshire Terriers are affectionate and loyal, capable of capturing the nuances of their owners’ mood and well-being. York is always ready to help: to comfort and cheer you up if you are sad, or to share your joy. At the same time, he demonstrates an amazing sense of humor.

York is not suitable for unsociable owners – he strives to make friends with everyone he meets and crosses.

They say about him that this is a big dog in a small body – he thinks of himself as a giant! Therefore, he is fearless and able to show firmness and insist on his own. If they weren’t so tiny, they would make excellent bodyguards. But even so, this kid is always ready to rush to protect his loved ones – regardless of the superior forces of the enemy.
They are extremely intelligent and inquisitive. Therefore, they learn easily. But they can’t stand monotony and unnecessary repetitions.

The mimicry of the representatives of the breed cannot leave anyone indifferent. They convey all the nuances of their mood so amusingly that one cannot help but smile.

Yorkies easily get along with other animals, although they can bully other dogs or chase cats on a walk.

Sometimes they play and are very touchingly offended if they feel that they have been left without attention.

All these traits of the Yorkshire Terrier character have made the breed one of the most popular in the world. But do not forget that only this dog can become an excellent companion, which did not spare time and effort – training and socialization.

Yorkshire Terrier & Children

Yorkshire Terrier, like any decorative breed, is better not to start if the family has children under 5 years old. A small child can injure a pet inadvertently. And the Yorkie himself does not always have enough tolerance to endure familiarity and intrusiveness from young children who are not yet able to control themselves – they can bite.

It is possible to take a representative of the breed only if the children are old enough to treat the pet gently and understand that the four-legged friend has his own desires and needs.

It is your responsibility to explain to your child the rules for dealing with a dog. Then, if the child is old enough to understand the full measure of responsibility, they may well develop friendly relations.

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