Yorkshire Terrier Dog: Care & Maintenance

Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most popular decorative miniature dog breeds. A friendly character, cheerful disposition, charming puppet appearance – few will leave indifferent. Despite their independent nature, Yorkies are excellent companions, incredibly loyal and loyal dogs. Given their small size, they are ideal for keeping even in small apartments. The absence of seasonal molting, the specific smell of wool allows people prone to allergies to start this breed.

Having stopped your choice on the Yorkshire Terrier breed, you must remember that a dog is not a fashion accessory, but a living creature, a full-fledged family member that needs love, attention, and care.

Caring for a Yorkshire Terrier has features that must be taken into account. Proper care of a Yorkshire Terrier is unthinkable without a walk. The Yorkshire Terrier is perfectly adapted to the life of a city dweller but will be a tireless companion on country walks. Do not deprive your baby of active walks, it is good for physical and mental health. Walking is a must for any dog, including the Yorkshire Terrier. Be careful while walking – many Yorkies are often lost.

Spend as much time as possible playing games. The dog needs toys: buzzers, balls, artificial bones.
An important role in the care of the Yorkshire Terrier is played by the grooming of the coat. The beauty of your pet depends on the condition of the coat. And its length, density, shine, and color depend primarily on hereditary factors.

Yorkies almost do not shed, but, nevertheless, their coat requires careful care. You can simply trim your pet to make life easier for both of you. However, if you are an esthete, be prepared for additional costs: money, time, and patience.

Keep in mind that Yorkies have fur growing all the time.

You need to comb out your dog every day (at least 10 minutes). For bathing, use a conditioner or moisturizing shampoo. These babies are bathed weekly.

The sun’s rays, seawater, too dry indoor air negatively affect the wool. The quality of the coat deteriorates due to unbalanced or insufficient nutrition.
The wool has a delicate texture, so choose a comb carefully, it should be of good quality. For daily brushing, use special sprays – before brushing, the dog is lightly sprayed, as dry hair is more difficult to comb.

From 5-6 months you can rub the wool with oil. Grooming of show dogs is compulsory. Taking care of health is an important part of Yorkshire Terrier care.

Yorkshire Terriers do not tolerate cold well, so they need to be dressed in cold and rainy weather.

In addition, representatives of the breed must be protected from injury.

Careful care of the teeth of the Yorkshire Terrier is necessary. Little puppies have 28 milk teeth, after 4 months the puppy begins to lose them. The growth of permanent teeth begins. First, the incisors change, then the canines. This process usually goes unnoticed. However, special attention should be paid to the canines. If they have not fallen out by 8 months, contact your veterinarian. By the age of 8 months, the teeth of Yorkshire Terriers have completely changed. An adult Yorkie has 42 teeth.

When changing teeth, bad breath is possible.

After changing teeth, it is necessary to start accustoming to oral hygiene, since for the Yorkshire Terrier brushing your teeth is vital. Yorkies are prone to the formation of tartar, and this leads to the fact that by the age of 4-5 years, teeth can begin to loosen and fall out.

Buy a dog toothbrush. It must be the right size. It is more convenient when the toothbrush is put on the owner’s finger. In addition to the brush, you will also need toothpaste. In addition, there are natural dental cleaners such as tomato juice and tomatoes. You can dissolve dry food in tomato juice.

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