8+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Shar Pei

Shar-Pei is one of the funniest looking dog breeds. This breed is primarily represented by the presence of cute folds of skin and a calm expression of the muzzle. Behind this is a really strong character that can be called ancient primitive power.


This is an active and intelligent dog, which, despite its rather strict and tough character, treats family members quite well and lovingly. With crowned faces, a dog can show aggression only if it feels that they are negative or a threat to the owners of the animal. Shar-Pei is a very brave dog who protects his master to the last. A Shar-Pei dog is a real friend for children, he loves to play with them. But the child needs to be explained that the dog needs to be treated with respect since the pet will not tolerate rudeness and bad attitude.

The hierarchy for such a dog is a common thing. That is why, when a puppy lives in a family, he begins to “test” all his “roommates” in order to understand who to obey them and who can be manipulated.

The pet is very attached to its owner, treats him with respect and love, is very sad when parting, but sparingly shows emotions.


Shar-Pei, by nature, is very understandable, loyal, and clean animals. A big advantage when keeping them in an apartment is their small growth, absence of molting, and the characteristic canine smell.

Thus, a large view was opened so that the Shar-Pei could carry out its protective functions. The doghouse must be protected from drafts. This breed is versatile, as it can withstand heat and snowy winters, so it can live in a well-equipped aviary and at home.

Caring for a Shar-Pei is not difficult: comb out the hair with a massager brush, trim the nails, wipe your eyes with a damp cloth. Bathe as little as possible. The most vulnerable part is the ears; there can be serious problems when water gets into the ear canals. Walking is desirable twice a day, without much physical exertion.
The health of the dog depends on a well-chosen diet and feeding regime. Food can be fed both dry and natural. There should always be fresh drinking water at the feeding site. On the packaging of dry food, a single serving is indicated, depending on the weight or age of the dog.


Shar-Pei is a dog for experienced dog breeders. He, in an oriental way, is calm and stubborn. Having easily memorized commands, he may simply refuse to carry them out. Therefore, education and socialization should begin from the moment the puppy appears in the house. In this case, growing up, the dog will become responsive to commands, obedient and loyal.

Training should begin at 3-4 months. Learning at such an early age can soften the dominant character traits of the animal. To avoid problems in communicating with cats and other dogs, the little Shar-Pei needs to be taught to play together with them. Also, contact people as much as possible.


Keeping a Shar-Pei has many advantages due to the characteristics of the dog:

  • Mind and intuition. The owners of the breed assure that the Shar-Pei is very sensitive to the mood of the residents of the house. If a person is sad, the dog will cheer him up. The dog forms information about the correct relationships in the family. With a competent upbringing, the Shar-Pei will obey the head of the family without question. It is necessary to train a pet in childhood when the character has not yet fully formed. If the pet is stubborn, you need to spend time and energy on education. The tasty reward also encourages training. Later, the owner’s efforts will pay off with the dog’s devotion and obedience.
  • Great security guard. This breed was used as a defender of the home and territory, even in ancient China. Shar-Pei remembers well “friends” and is neutral towards the owner’s friends. However, towards strangers who want to harm the house and its tenants, he will show aggression.
  • Lack of noise and harm. Shar-Pei does not rush at passers-by with barking, as do many other breeds. The dog does not react harshly to neighbors, they pass the door. The only thing that can happen is that the Shar-Pei will be a little tense and may come to the door. Representatives of the breed very rarely bark, and even if they do it for serious reasons. This is an advantage for owners and neighbors. The Sharpei is not the largest breed, it does not need a lot of living space. Puppies rarely have the habit of chewing and scratching furniture and wallpaper.
  • Friendliness and playfulness. Shar-Pei is very affectionate with their pets. He loves to play and always knows when to stop by his action (does not bite during the game). The dog is especially friendly to children, as an adult member of the family. Also, the pet has a good relationship with other pets. The Shar-Pei is an active dog and needs daily walks to release its stored energy. The pet loves outdoor games, it is pleasant to spend time with him, especially in the fresh air.
  • Ease of care. Thanks to the short coat, the pet can only be brushed occasionally. It is recommended to wash it several times a year, which must be dried with a hairdryer. Ears should be checked regularly for inflammation. The only caveat: carefully monitor the skin in the folds, as water can accumulate in them, which provokes the appearance of diaper rash.


  • Striving for dominance. This desire in a dog is strongly expressed in relation to other pets. Shar-Pei, although he does not bully them and does not get into a fight, can cause inconvenience to pets. He seemed to look down on them, emphasizing his importance in the family. This behavior can provoke conflict situations.
  • Pugnacity. If a Shar Pei sees another dog on the street, he can start a fight. At the same time, the instincts of self-preservation do not work. The dog is not stopped. After a fight, you will have to heal the wounds for a long time, you will need the help of a veterinarian. This behavior can be a consequence of early separation from the mother or poor socialization of the animal.
  • Special food. Many members of this breed are allergic to high-quality foods or substances. They often need specialized feed, which can be expensive. Carefully monitor the diet so that the pet’s health is normal.
  • Character problems. If the owner does not teach the pet to discipline and execute commands in time, later training will be useless. Acquaintance with the world should take place in childhood, otherwise, there will be problems. Shar-Pei has a wayward character, which sometimes has negative consequences.

If you compare this species with others, the dog has many advantages over them. Caring for a Shar-Pei does not take much time, effort, and money.

The pet’s friendly nature will not let the owner get bored. The pet is distinguished by loyalty and diligence: it follows all the commands of the owner.

Alice White

Written by Alice White

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  1. Finally an article that doesn’t warn society of the dangers of owning a Shar pei. Thank you you’ve described my baby to the T.

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