Breed Review: Yorkshire Terrier (17 Pics)

This dog breed is in great demand, as it is liked by both children and adults. Dogs have no practical use, but they are very friendly and attract everyone with their charisma. York is very small in itself, it would seem he should be capricious, but this is not so, they are very brave and patient. Dogs are patiently waiting for their owners to comb them, and are also ready to protect them from strangers.

If you still do not know what a Yorkie looks like, then look at the photos of a Yorkshire Terrier, you will definitely fall in love.

#1 Dogs are very tiny and cute, they give the impression of fragile and capricious persons.

But in fact, Yorkies are very energetic and self-confident. They feel on par with large breeds.

#2 Nature gives its own, all the same Yorkies are descendants of terriers.

The temperament of the breed is suitable for energetic people who are constantly on the move.

#3 Dogs love trips to unusual places, they love to learn something new and conquer the peaks.

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