Shar Pei: Training

Shar-Pei has a difficult temperament. Plush and cute, these dogs only at first glance. In addition, they are extremely difficult to educate. It takes a lot of work for your pet to learn the basic commands. Even to learn “to me” or “sit” the Shar-Pei may not want to. However, if you find an approach, you can conquer these obstinate four-legged ones.

Shar Pei Training Rules

In order for your dog to become a truly full-fledged member of society, it is necessary to take into account the following training nuances and breed characteristics:

Training should interest the dog.

To practice basic commands, 2-3 repetitions are enough.

The pupil must not only be encouraged but also skillfully punished. The main thing is not to hit. As a “whip” you can use a rolled-up newspaper, which is knocked on the puppy in front of the muzzle, and a formidable “don’t”.

Encouragement is a caress, treat, or play.

Train your dog to live by your rules. If you do not want the puppy to sleep on the bed, then do not let him get in there. In addition, the pet should not be allowed to bite, howl, or attack others.

All family members, without exception, must adhere to these rules. Even children should not pamper a pet.

Important! You need to start training from the moment when the puppy got into a new family.

Training usually takes place according to the following scheme:

In the period from 1 to 2 months of life, the puppy actively studies the world around him. This is the period of socialization. You can teach the rules of behavior, the toilet.

From 3 to 5 months, it is recommended to teach the pet basic commands. If this is not done, there is a high likelihood of problems with further obedience.

Puberty lasts up to 8 months. The dog can be stubborn, rebel. The owner should not be led to this kind of provocation. In training, you need to be consistent, strict.

Important! The tactics of teaching basic Shar-Pei commands are the same as those of other breeds.

What Mistakes Can the Owner Make?

Inexperienced owners can unknowingly make the following mistakes in raising Shar-Pei:

  • demanding from the dog what it cannot do;
  • inconsistent behavior;
  • attempts to re-educate an already adult dog;
  • uttering praise and remarks in one tone;
  • refusal to learn basic commands;
  • promotion with just one delicacy.

In addition, owners who have previously dealt with other dogs may forget that each pet needs a personal touch. Therefore, it is extremely important to study the temperament of your pet thoroughly.

The first thing to learn is that you can’t beat a dog. The pet can get angry and take revenge. Shar-Pei can also show aggression towards their own kind. Therefore, from puppyhood, it is necessary to introduce them to other dogs.

If desired, each owner can teach the pet not only basic but also special commands. For this, it is necessary to involve a professional dog handler.

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